Aromatic Essentials Natural Skincare

Aromatic Essentials Natural Skincare

Lot 56 Station Rd
Mullalyup - Balingup - Donnybrook-Balingup - Australia Occidental


Real Hand-made soap. Lovingly made from scratch using the Cold Process soaping method. Organic and VEGAN and Certified Cruelty-free. Soaps, skincare products, Aromatherapy oils, Hair care, sensitive skin products all made to help people and pets concerned about the chemicals they are subjected to. Safe, Natural, Chemical free, animal product free.
All natural additives, herbs and healing oils. NO PALM OIL is used in any products to because I care about the preservation of the natural habitats of orangutans. Palm oil demand is destroying their habitat.
Percentage of profits go towards "No kill' animal shelters to support their amazing work.
These natural handmade soaps are created with ultimate skin care in mind. For people who suffer with skin conditions such as Eczema, Dermatitis and dry, unhappy skin who are aware of the masses of chemicals going on their skin, and want to make the wise and positive changes to their lives and to those they love. The amount of healing oils, natural butters, organic herbs and pure 1st grade essential oils used in every recipe are there to help, not just to sound good!

The highest quality ingredients are used in all products, and are sourced in Australia (where possible) from organic and cruelty free suppliers.


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